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Photochemistry and Spectroscopy Department

Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences

Dominant research topics:



The achievements of the Department in recent years include:


Elucidation of mechanisms of tautomerism in porphycenes


Observation of various ground and excited state phenomena induced by hydrogen bonds


 Bioanalytical applications of Raman/SERS spectroscopy


Supersonic jet studies of structure, stoichiometry, photophysics, and photochemistry of water and alcohol complexes


Detection and elucidation of processes of phototautomerism and photochromism in ß-thioxoketones and Schiff bases


Discovery of many new systems which exhibit photoinduced single or double proton transfer


Observation of mode-specificity in tautomerization and  proton tunneling


Elucidation of factors governing electrochemiluminescence (ECL) and the quest for systems characterised by particularly high ECL efficiency


Studies on spectroscopy, structure, and reactivity of astrophysically significant molecules


Development of techniques based on polarized light


Design and construction of instruments for ultrafast spectroscopy


Development of single molecule spectroscopy and microscopy techniques


Modeling of the structure of microenvironment


Efficient syntheses of porphycenes


Syntheses of new luminophores